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VITA Silvia http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/silviawite.jpg

The Vita Silvia with its traiagular blades creates a beautiful contemproary fixture, which come in white and copper shades. This item comes in small Width 32cm x 24.5cm Height, Medium Width 50cm x Height 41cm. Max 15W LED

Lamp Glazed Bamboo LRG Green http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/lm1228.jpg

The glazed bamboo shade from Present Time in Jungle Green (Other colours are availble) Measures 38cm x 30cm with a cord length of 120cm. Max 40W LED. 

Lamp Glazed Bamboo Med White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/00566218_1.jpg

The Bamboo pendant from Present Time in white oozes the retro scandi style. ideal for over the kitchen table or as the main focal point in any room!  Measures at 33cm x 28cm with a 120cm cord. Max 40W LED

Lamp Glazed Bamboo LRG White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/00566218_1.jpg

The bamboo Pendant shade from Present Time in white oozes retro yet Scandi style. The shade measures 38cm x 30cm with a cord length of 120cm. Max 14W LED, 

VITA Eos http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/eosthree.jpg

The Eos Feather shade is Iconic in the world of Interiors. This can be a floor or pendant fixture, easily cleaned with a hairdryer. Micro 22x16cm, Mini 35x20cm, Med 45x30cm, Large 65x40cm, XL 75x 45cm, XXL 110cm x 70cm Max 15W LED

Vita Clava http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vl040-3_-_vita_copenhagen_clava_ceiling_pendant_light_shade_21.5_x_33cm_-_matt_white_1024x1024.jpg

Introducing the Clava, which comes in the small and large. Coloirs available are White, Copper, Brass and Polished Steel. Clava Small 21.5x33cm Large Clava Dine 43x28cm. Max 15W LED

VITA Tripod Matt White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita-eos-micro-light-shade.2_1_1.jpg

Tripod lamp base with a height of 18.6cm and a cord lead on 2m long. This item comes with a switch and europlug, compatibale with all Vita Shades and has adjustable legs for different angles

VITA Acorn http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita_acorn_steel.jpg

The beautiful Acorn shade, comes in Black or white Outer with a Steel, Brass or Copper(Rose Gold) inner. This item does require a cord set for hanging. These come in white or black. 14x16cm Max 15W LED

VITA Cord set Black http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita-copenhagen-vita-cord-set-black-p3170-4737_medium.jpg

Vita cord set in black. This item is required on all pendants as they come as the shade only. This is for pendant shades only. Measures 2.1m length, Max 15W LED

VITA Cord set White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita-copenhagen-textile-pendant-cord-set-white-p2232-13803_medium.jpg

Vita white cord set. This is required on all pendants as they are sold as the shade only. Measures at t 2.1m cord with Max 15W LED. 

VITA Lightbulb LED E27- 6W http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita_idea_led_2w_125mm_environment.jpg

Vita clear Edison style bulb. With an approx usage of 15,000 hours. LED filament with a clear glass outer. Size is 6cm height, screw in fixing

VITA Lightbulb LED E27- 2W http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita_idea_2w_45mm_e27_small_743e4a19-ddb2-4393-ae0a-cb36c5ab0343_580x@2x.jpg

Vita filament Edison style bulb with screw in fixing. Height is 4.5cm with 30,000 approx hours of usage. All vita shades take this bulb.

VITA Lightbulb XL LED http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/d40studio_idea_led_6w_80mm.jpg

Vita Edison style light bulb. With a height of 8cm this bulb suits the Clava Dine. With an apporx usage time of 15,000 hours this light offers a soft pleasant glow.

VITA Tripod Floor White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita-copenhagen-carmina-tripod-floor-lamp-white-carmina-white-tripod-p2657-7582_image.jpg

The Vita Tripod lamp base is perfect for any shade. The height is 109cm with a cord of 3m long. Including a switch and euro plug. Max 15W LED

Vita Clava Large Matt White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita_clava_dine_white.jpg

The Vita Clava Dine large pendant shade, measures at 43x28cm and does not include the cord set. This can be purchased seperatly. Max 15W LED

Vita Clava Large Brushed Coppe http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vl043-1_-_vita_copenhagen_clava_dine_ceiling_pendant_light_shade_43_x_28cm_-_brushed_copper.jpg

The Vita Clava Dine large pendant shades offers retro look for any space. Made from Aluminium and measures at 43x28cm. Max 15W LED, this item requires a cord set for hanging purposes

Vita Clava Small Matt White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/02051_clava_white_72dpi.jpg

The Vita Clava small is perefct to add a retro look to any room. Measures at 21.5x33cm and requires a cord set for hanging purposes. Max 15W LED

Lamp clip on: White http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/lm1292.jpg

Clip on handy desk lamp, height 34cm shade 11.5cm

Lamp clip on: Grey http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/lm1293_2_.jpg

Clip on handy study lamp in light grey,height 34cm shade 11.5cm

Table Lamp Matt Black http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/lm1283_1_.jpg

Matt black table lamp, height 55cm

Baa Stool Hairpin http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/hairpin-sage-1.jpg

100% Wool in Sage, designed to fit a beautiful contemporary hairpin footstool, legs are removable. size approx 50cm x 40cm x 45cm

Cato Footstool Stag http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/cato-stag-l.jpg

Beautifully crafted Occasional furniture in the stunning Country designs

Size: W52 X D52 X H26cm

Side: Benmore oatmeal

Leg Finish: Grey Wash

Boxing Hares http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/hares.jpg

The classic boxing hare design

Arran Granite Wool

Size 43cm x 43cm

Printed Linen on Front

Rosemoor Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/rosemoor.jpg

For Horse lovers, with muted tones to enhance the beauty of these animals

Arran Heather Wool

Size 30cm x 40cm

Printed Linen on Front

Walkies Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/walkies.jpg

This cushion incorporates all the breeds in this fun design!

Jura Oatmeal

Size 40cm x 50cm

Printed Linen on Front

Spaniel Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/spaniel.jpg

This happy little chappy is a simple design yet effective in making this cushion a must have!

Melrose Oatmeal Velvet

Size 35cm x 35cm

Printed Linen on Front

Flying Ducks http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/ducksfly.jpg

Flying ducks is a simple yet effective design with beautiful splashes of colour! 

Arran Aqua Wool

Size 30cm x 60cm

Printed Linen on Front

Bowmont Pheasant Cushion Large http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/bowmont.jpg

The classic cheeky chappy, Bowmont Pheasant is a beautiful drawing that captures the character perfectly in this cushion design

Arran Granite Wool

Size 35cm x 75cm

Printed Linen on Front

Hiding Pheasant Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/peepfront.jpg

Hiding Pheasant is a cheeky design using the pop of red to enhance the print on the cushion

Arran Rosemoss wool

Size 43cm x 43cm

Printed Linen on Front

Oink Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/oinkpig.jpg

This muted design shows the iconic Saddleback and Gloucestershire, a perfect pairing for a cushion print!

Sasha Linen

Size 30cm x 40cm

Printed Linen on Front

Galloping Horses Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/horsesfr.jpg

Galloping Horses is a pretty design, in muted colours. Perfect for horse lovers!

Back: Jura Oatmeal

Size 35cm x 60cm

Printed Linen

Enchanted Forest Small Cushion http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/enchnated.jpg

Easily the most popular design in the Voyage range. The watercolours depicts the beauty of the British countryside impeccably 

Cissaro Heather

Size 30cm x 50cm

Printed Linen on Front

Lamp Glazed Bamboo SM Green http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/lm1228.jpg

The glazed bamboo pendant light from Present Time is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bedroom. Measures at 27x 20cm cable 120cm Max 40W bulb.

VITA Tripod Table Black http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/vita-copenhagen-vita-black-tripod-table-lamp-p3191-4777_medium.jpg

Vita black table tripod base, perfect for all Vita shades.  Height 36cm with a cord length of 2m. Max 15W LED, the legs are adjustable to create different angles

Vita Clava Small Brushed Coppe http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/calavbarsspendant.jpg

Vita Clava in Brushed Copper, measures at 21.5x33cm. This item requires a cord set for hanging purposes. Max 15W LED, made from Aluminium.

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