Duvet Covers and Pillowcases

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BBG Abstract http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/abstarctbedding.jpg

The multicoloured paintery shapes of the Iconic Abstarct fabric. Woven from high quality 100% Cotton, 220 thread cont, UK Duvet sizing. 

Duvet Cover Minimalist http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/bedbig.jpg No Description Available
Bluebellgray Taransay Bed http://www.gemmapackhaminteriors.co.uk//images/taransay-bbg.jpg

The Taransay design from Bluebellgray, is beautifully rendered from Fi's signiture watercolour style of Maxi blooms. 100% Cotton, 220 thread count

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