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Rosemoor Cushion

For Horse lovers, with muted tones to enhance the beauty of these animals

Arran Heather Wool

Size 30cm x 40cm

Printed Linen on Front

Walkies Cushion

This cushion incorporates all the breeds in this fun design!

Jura Oatmeal

Size 40cm x 50cm

Printed Linen on Front

Spaniel Cushion

This happy little chappy is a simple design yet effective in making this cushion a must have!

Melrose Oatmeal Velvet

Size 35cm x 35cm

Printed Linen on Front

Flying Ducks

Flying ducks is a simple yet effective design with beautiful splashes of colour! 

Arran Aqua Wool

Size 30cm x 60cm

Printed Linen on Front

Hiding Pheasant Cushion

Hiding Pheasant is a cheeky design using the pop of red to enhance the print on the cushion

Arran Rosemoss wool

Size 43cm x 43cm

Printed Linen on Front

Oink Cushion

This muted design shows the iconic Saddleback and Gloucestershire, a perfect pairing for a cushion print!

Sasha Linen

Size 30cm x 40cm

Printed Linen on Front

Galloping Horses Cushion

Galloping Horses is a pretty design, in muted colours. Perfect for horse lovers!

Back: Jura Oatmeal

Size 35cm x 60cm

Printed Linen

Enchanted Forest Small Cushion

Easily the most popular design in the Voyage range. The watercolours depicts the beauty of the British countryside impeccably 

Cissaro Heather

Size 30cm x 50cm

Printed Linen on Front

Bowmont Pheasant Cushion Large

The classic cheeky chappy, Bowmont Pheasant is a beautiful drawing that captures the character perfectly in this cushion design

Arran Granite Wool

Size 35cm x 75cm

Printed Linen on Front
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